La Blockchain
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Scrypta Manent and decentralisation are synonymous for us of
freedom, a new way of thinking way of thinking about the internet to revolutionise
digital relationships and give people back the ownership of data.

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The digital signature of the future

Manent is the first official Scrypta app, developed to interact with the blockchain in a simple, fast and secure way!

A single app that allows you to certify your data and works, and digitally sign your thanks to blockchain technology, in order to prove their authenticity. You will only need a few thousandths of a LYRA for each operation. Be be part of the change and anticipate the future with us!

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Each file or document certified by Manent is with a time stamp, which makes it possible to establish the existence of that specific existence of that specific data from a certain point in time, thus guaranteeing its validity over time.


It is equivalent to a traditional signature on paper. Its function is to attest to the validity, veracity and authorship of a piece of data. data.


Authors of photographic works, musical works, novels and novels and digital texts, will be able to protect their creations against any form of form of plagiarism, counterfeiting or illegal dissemination, at the click of a button.


In order to use the digital signature and time digital signature and time stamp functions, you will need LYRA coins, which you can easily manage managed directly from the app thanks to its mobile wallet functions.